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My 5 favourite Japanese paper patterns for origami

Since 2014 that I have been making origami creations, I have had the opportunity to discover several hundred beautiful paper patterns, all from various workshops. I am particularly fond of "Washi Chiyogami" papers, as you may have read in my previous post.

So I decided to make a selection of my 5 favourite Washi Chiyogami paper patterns. This is very subjective and only reflects my own taste, but feel free to go and discover more and find your little favourites!

For each paper I also show you the result once worked, by associating it with one of my origami creations:

Golden plum tree flowers on a red background - Earrings, couple of butterflies

Silver and gold granite on a cream background - Baby mobile, spiral of cranes and wooden beads

Geometrical shapes and golden flowers on a blue duck background - Doves and pompoms creoles

Japanese cranes and shapes on a red background -

Japanese bookmark

Small field flowers on a coral background - Earrings, cranes and golden sequins

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