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Christmas decoration ideas in origami

At Christmas time, we are often looking for inspiration and original ideas to decorate our homes... What if this year, we chose more eco-responsible decorations, put aside plastic and disposable items, and opted for paper decorations, and more particularly origami?

Origami Christmas tree hangers

One of the first things you think about when December comes around is making your Christmas tree. Whether it's a real natural tree, a wooden tree or a plastic tree, you want to brighten it up and bring it to life.

You can decorate it with origami hangers. Doubled with a garland of lights, it always makes an impression! Whether it's diamonds, stars, Santas or even small origami trees, anything goes to add a little colour to your tree!

Christmas decorations in origami

We don't always think about it, but furniture such as chests of drawers, tables and fireplaces are very beautiful places to decorate at Christmas time.

You can imagine light decorations, in relief or flat, such as trees or origami paper stars to put on. But you can also be enchanted by more elaborate creations such as paper Christmas scenes under a bell for example!

Origami greeting cards

Although everything is becoming more and more dematerialised these days, if there is one time of the year when you want to give, but also receive, a card with a sweet little note inside, it's at Christmas. That's why this year you can opt for a handmade origami Christmas card to write your lovely message or slip your little gift certificate inside.

You can be sure that the recipient of this card, as unique as it is, will keep it for a long time and may even use it as a decoration!

Discover all the origami Christmas decorations I offer:

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