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3 reasons to choose a handmade origami mobile for your baby's room

Origami is a technique that is becoming more and more popular every day. This ancestral Japanese art allows the creation of several decorative objects, including hanging mobiles. In this article, I will describe the three reasons to choose a handmade origami mobile for your babies' and children's room.

1. Light and poetic, these unique creations will bring softness to your interior

Handmade origami mobiles are very often made with light and noble materials: copper or natural wood circles, fine wire or string, wooden beads, wool pompons, but above all... origami paper (which can be made in France or in Japan, the country of origin of this ancestral technique).

The shapes created and obtained thanks to the folding of the paper give a lightness effect to the mobile. Many people find a very poetic side to it, with all these shapes of different sizes, different textures and different colours that come to life when a small breeze blows.

Moreover, origami mobiles, often natural and uncluttered, will avoid the use of technologies that can be considered as visual or sound nuisances for the child: LEDs, lights, music boxes or movement mechanisms installed on some baby mobiles.

Indeed, there is nothing more natural than a mobile made from pretty sheets of paper that will last for several decades and never break down!

2. Made-to-measure, with animals, geometric shapes or with a theme, they will adapt to all your desires

The advantage of handmade creations is that they can be made and personalised according to your tastes and expectations.

Contrary to the more "industrial" and mass-produced mobiles, the custom-made baby mobiles can respect all your desires in terms of shapes, sizes or colours.

Origami can come in hundreds of folds and shapes according to your themes: the marine environment, the savannah, space and the planets, the forest...

There are as many folds as you want, and your custom-made mobile will fit perfectly in your "mini you darling's" room.

3. Handmade in France, the choice of these mobiles encourages local craftsmanship and the short circuit

Here again, by choosing a baby mobile designed and made in France, you are encouraging and supporting French and local craftsmanship.

The current context proves to us that it is important today to favour the short circuit and to consume where we know how the products were made. The craftsmen have at heart to use local and quality raw materials, in order to make creations that will last in time.

We often imagine that craftsmanship rhymes with costly but not necessarily! You can find a mobile at any price.

By choosing a handmade mobile, you will have the satisfaction of knowing that it has been made for you and you alone and that there will never be two identical ones in the world!

Click on the tab below to see the different types of mobiles I make from origami paper (only French or Japanese). I also offer to make mobiles made-to-measure mobiles:

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