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Who's La Petite Fabrique ...?

First of all, I welcome you to my little universe, thank you for making it this far!

I will introduce myself a little bit and tell you who I am, since that is also what explains what I create for you. My name is Estelle (the mystery is a little lifted at the sight of my brand name ...), I am a 27-year-old designer / origamist, originally from the South-East of France, and I live today In Lyon.

My first professional life consisted of a completely different job since I was a town planner. And then, I decided to give the chance to my other activity: creation and handmade. So I quit my job and created my business in order to make my passion my job.
Today, I am multiplying the sales channels: online store, designer markets, consignment in specialized and decoration shops.

On the manufacturing side, each of the creations on this site is handmade in my Lyon workshop and in small series. The material I work with is paper and more particularly "Washi" paper which, for the most part, is handcrafted in Japan (classified since 2014 as an intangible heritage of humanity by Unesco) . It is therefore with the latter that I make various decorative objects (mobiles, garlands, glass bells, cards ...) as well as a collection of jewelry.

My goal now is to continue to develop my collections to satisfy your desires.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

So I let you browse my world and my different creations, hoping that you will take as much pleasure in discovering them as I do in creating them.

Have a nice visit to you!

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