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Organization of workshops for adults and children

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Whether at home or in my workshop, I offer you to spend a nice moment together to learn the origami technique. In addition to discovering this ancestral Japanese art, you will learn how to make a creation of your choice, which you will be able to leave with: origami jewellery, origami decorative objects...

I offer these workshops for individuals, individually or in groups, but also for events (weddings, birthdays, EVJF).

I provide all the material and we spend between 1h30 and 2h together, depending on the desired product. All levels are accepted!

Below are the different workshops I offer, you can book them by ordering directly and choosing your date.

Possibility to order and offer a gift voucher.

For more information, please contact me :

Je propose également des ateliers créatifs pour entreprise ou lors d'évènements tel que : anniversaire, mariage, baptême...

Si vous êtes intéressés, remplissez le formulaire en bas de page et je vous envoie un devis !

Demande de devis pour un atelier en entreprise ou lors d'un évènement (anniversaire, mariage...)

Merci pour vos informations ! Nous vous enverrons un devis rapidement !

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